About EMU

EMU Theatre Inc is an independent theatre group based in Lawrence Kansas. EMU was founded in 1998 by a collective of actors, writers and performers dedicated to creating theatre which fosters a spirit of cooperation and artistic growth among its practitioners, and a spirit of aesthetic adventure in its audience.

Over the years. we have performed over 35 shows in Lawrence, Wichita and Kansas City, showcasing the talents of local writers along with the works of noted playwrights like Sam Shepard, David Mamet and David Ives. EMU has collaborated with theatre groups in Lawrence and across the Midwest and annually presents 10-minute play festivals, one-act plays and feature length shows. In 2007, we debuted our critically acclaimed Halloween show and in 2008 we put on a Shakespeare in the park style version of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead which drew large crowds to Lawrence's South Park.

EMU believes in providing opportunities, through theatre, for people seeking an outlet for their particular artistic expression. Our goal is to further the appreciation of arts and performance in the Lawrence community while promoting and contributing to our city’s rich cultural history. We draw and maintain our strength with an ever-growing membership of veterans and volunteers, keeping the local flavor while expanding the possibilities available in the local arts scene. Idealistic? No doubt. Yet this concept has driven EMU from the beginning and continues to be our foundation. If you're interested in participating, just go the one of the links under "Contact Us", or better yet, come see a show.